Flexible to suit your needs

Bloom is tailored to fit with a number of configuration options. We offer customised or unique themes, add-ons, plugins, custom features and much more. We also offer seamless integration with systems we know are important to you, such as Shibboleth.

Bloom is constantly improving and evolving, meaning you’ll get enhancements, new features or functionality in each new release.

  • Tailored to your needs
  • A number of configuration options
  • Unique features themes, add-ons and plugins
  • Seamless integration
  • Continually improving

A stable, consistent service

We know that you want a service that is reliable, especially during important times like exam season. We provide high-quality, enterprise level infrastructure and connectivity with 99.95% up-time.

We offer dedicated production sites, development, testing and performance spaces.

As part of our commitment to stability, we offer guaranteed support within our Service Level Agreement, such as disaster recovery. This means we can recover your data even if something happens to our data centre. Our back-up systems are multi-layered, and we provide unlimited storage for customer e-Learning content.

  • 99.95% up-time
  • Enterprise level infrastructure
  • Dedicated spaces for production site
  • Guaranteed support
  • Multi-layered back-up systems

The best support on the market

We guarantee the highest quality support via our customer portal, service desk, user groups and webinars so you’re never left in the dark.

As per our Service Level Agreement, a significant, high priority ticket has an expected four hour resolution time, a response time that is unparalleled within the education sector.

Our support services demonstrate how much we care about delivering the best solutions for our customers and their users.

  • Platform maintenance
  • Systems and plugin integration
  • Best practice recommendations
  • System Administration
  • Development
  • Advice on customer-led development
  • User Experience, particularly Moodle Theming
Read our  technical specifications Find out more about  Bloom support

Easy to use

We have conducted extensive research to ensure the user experience of Bloom VLE is enjoyable and rewarding for everyone, whether they are technically or academically inclined.

This is why our customised service is so flexible. We ensure ease of use for you, your students and your range of staff. You can create a perfect fit for your organisation while at the same time providing a unique, device-compatible experience for students.

  • User-centric design
  • Geared towards all users
  • Flexible for your organisational needs
  • Differentiated experience
  • Compatible with all modern web browsers and mobile devices

Bloom is part of CoSector at the University of London, so our team is immersed in the development and needs of virtual learning environments.

We often post helpful blog posts and videos as part of a community-based support service which are created by our community of tech experts and our team members. Our aim is to meet the needs of Bloom VLE users across the educational spectrum. Check out our blog here.

Meet our team

Our blogs


What do our customers have to say?

"Just wanted to pass on our thanks for a very professional job with our Bloom VLE upgrade – the team have done an outstanding job, being incredibly flexible throughout, chasing every ticket, brainstorming issues collaboratively, and keeping us posted.

It’s clear our account manager enjoys the support of a great team who have specialist expertise that could be successfully applied to different aspects of our upgrade."


Mark Stubbs

Head of Learning and Research Technologies

"In addition to the technical and financial advantages we have gained by moving to the Bloom service, it is great to be part of their customer user community.

The group, which meets in person three times a year, provides us with the opportunity to engage with other users. As customers, we are empowered to collaboratively influence and drive continued development of the VLE platform to adapt to and meet our students' expectations."


Sarah Sherman

BLE Service Manager

Bloom VLE, CoSector and the University of London

Bloom is the specialist arm of CoSector at the University of London (UoL). If you’ve not heard of us before, that’s because we’ve evolved from the UoL's Computer Centre (ULCC) meaning we have a whole host of education and technology expertise that you may not find elsewhere.

You’ll be working with an educational organisation just like your own, so you can be assured that your VLE wants and needs will be entrusted into a safe pair of hands.

Meet the Bloom Team

Our team is experienced, knowledgeable, and ready to support you from enquiry to delivery.

Having this specific wealth of knowledge allows us to improve an institution’s learning system in a professional and informed way.

Needless to say, we have education at the heart of everything we do.

Let’s look at pricing...

Our cost-effective and highly flexible solutions make us a great choice compared with our competitors, as we will not restrict your vision of a personalised and device compatible VLE.

Having the core service and optional add-ons means you’re never paying over the odds for services you don’t need - Bloom is tailored to your needs, and at a great price to boot!

To learn more about our pricing and services, pop in your information below and we’ll have a chat about the ideal solutions for your specific needs.

Technical information

Looking to contact the team for technical information?

It might be worth checking out our technical specifications section that’s on our support page.

Technical specifications