Stable yet flexible

One of the greatest benefits of Bloom is that we allow you the flexibility to change your platform while still offering guaranteed assurances. You can ask us to create a plug-in for you, or you can modify the ones we provide. Regardless of where a problem arises, we're always here and happy to help.

Stable and Flexible

Level + speed of support

We offer priority based solutions with resolution times starting from as little as four hours. We use high-end ticketing system ‘Service Now’ so you can easily submit and track tickets while also having the option to call and email us. Our Service Level Agreement means you’ll always know what timeframe any issue is expected to be resolved within.

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Level and speed of support

Customer influenced upgrades for all

Our user focused approach to development gives you the opportunity to tell us what we can do to improve Bloom. We share the outcomes of these studies so all our users can understand what’s been discovered and how we’re going to use that information to make Bloom even better.

Transparency is a key factor in our support ethos and we want all our customers to receive the benefits of this process.

Customer influenced upgrades

Bloom VLE Support


Nicola Betts, E-learning & Innovations Service Manager at the University of Roehampton, discusses the benefits of Bloom VLE's support services. 


The Open Source Community

One of the greatest benefits of working with us is being part of an open source community: we use Moodle integration. There are countless pages across the net explaining and advising on a range of subjects relating to the software, as well as forums that give you extra support when you have a specific question that needs an accurate answer pronto.

The Moodle community are there to help you whether you’re completely new to the service or a tech whizz with more in depth problems.

Plus, being an open source platform, it is constantly being upgraded and improved. If you don’t like a certain tool, for example, you can ask the community for advice on how to change it or get a developer like us to change it for you. It’s the epitome of flexible!


Open source community

Your dedicated Bloom team

Dave Kenworthy

Dave Kenworthy

Director of Digital Services

Dave has an extensive background in software and engineering, and is now responsible for the Bloom service as a whole.

Dave has an extensive background in software and engineering, and is now responsible for the Bloom service as a whole: designing, developing the product, running professional services team for customisation and working with sales. His role is very much based in managing teams rather than interacting with customers.

"I am responsible for the creation of Bloom, having written the Service Level Agreement and a lot of the information about the product. I formulated Bloom as a response to educational needs. What I wanted to do was take advantage of the power of Moodle in a way that guaranteed assurances whilst offering a flexible service."

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Emily Walker

Emily Walker

Service Operation and Support Manager

Emily heads the operation and support team for Bloom's 100+ learning providers, spanning the higher education, further education and work-based learning sectors.


Emily was an information professional within the HE sector but made the leap over to eLearning services when she caught the bug developing educational services using Moodle as an LMS. She currently heads the operation and support team for Bloom's 100 learning providers within HE, FE, WBL, and ACL sectors. She is long-term Moodle user with expertise in upgrades, Moodle administration and technical project management.

Contact Emily regarding:

  • Management of day-to-day operational support (including upgrades)
  • Incident escalation
  • Team Leader 2nd & 3rd Line support
  • Operational Service Reviews (performance, incidents, SLA reporting)

"I get a kick out of supporting our customers achieve their service goals and offering up my application expertise, which I have gathered over the last 10 years using Moodle."

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Thomas Worthington Product Manager Solutions Architect Bloom

Thomas Worthington

Production Manager/Solutions Architect

Thomas' background is richly entrenched in IT, having been working in the sector for over 30 years, starting out working on computer games and now having worked on Bloom for nearly four years.

He currently heads up the professional services development team, helping to design bespoke Moodle extensions for our HE/FE clients, sometimes communicating directly with customers.

"I very much impact the service side. I've worked on the biggest customer roll outs as the technical lead and continue to consult on technical issues related to Bloom"

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Technical information…

There is no single level of support, there are several. You can choose how many support days, services you need and add more to your contract whenever you like. Check it out:


    Support+ Bronze

    2 additional support days per year and quarterly service review.


    Support+ Silver

    5 additional support days per year and monthly service review.


    Support+ Gold

    10 additional support days per year and fortnightly service review.


    Support+ Platinum

    20 additional support days per year and fortnightly service review.


How we support you

Use of our support portal is the most efficient means – and preferred method – of receiving communications from customers relating to support. Our support portal is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Emergency Support

As we mentioned earlier, our support is offered on a priority basis. If your system encounters problems during a crucial time such as deadline season, you can expect fast and efficient support:


Showstopper, significant business or user impact 4 hours
  • Service (as identified by Primary URL) is unavailable.
  • Sensitive data (e.g. grades) has started to be exposed.
  • Service has degraded in such a way as to prevent substantially all users (> 75%) from accessing all or most data or screens.
  • Data has become corrupted.


Our Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Our Service Level Agreement outlines a number of our support solutions and services, but here's a snapshot as to some of the enhancements we offer:

Enhanced Availability SLA commitment to 24/7/365 availability.
Enhanced Availability+ SLA commitment to 24/7/365 availability and resolution of priority 1 (P1) incidents.